Music Services For Your Dental Practice

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It isn’t easy to find suitable music in your dentist’s practice. If there are patients waiting in the lobby to see you, or perhaps being stuck on hold as you try to book an appointment over the phone. Music is an excellent addition to help them feel at ease and also help them pass the time. Perhaps you’re not what to do to find the right music that is compatible with your office set-up. Search for a song

Naturally, one can choose to use Muzak however, who wants the feeling of in an elevator? You can always go to music on the radio. But who would want listening to 3 tracks in a row, followed by an hour of chatter and commercials? If you think you can simply connect your iPod to play your music… you’re wrong, it might not be legal as most copyrights prohibit unlicensed usage in public places (like dental offices).

So, here are a few ideas on where to discover great music to use at work.


One of the top Internet streaming services for music, Pandora can now be accessible for use by businesses. Pandora provides a wide range of choice in choosing songs that are suitable for your ears. It doesn’t offer the possibility of putting up specific songs like you do on other music platforms; Instead, you receive an unintentional, radio-like shuffle of songs that are ad-free. You can however set the music you like and further alter what you hear using Pandora’s Thumbs Down or thumbs Down buttons.

Pandora for Business is handled by a firm called DMX. The Pandora subscription is $24.95 per month. you can also pay an initial cost of $99 for the subscription to DMX ProFusion Broadband Media Player that you can connect your sound system at your workplace.


SiriusXM as well as Pandora offers an affordable business subscription which lets you listen to music from all kinds of genres that will satisfy all types of preferences. With over 85 channels to pick from, they are able to offer music on-hold to patients calling. The receiver is easily connected with the audio system of the office too.

Subscriptions begin with $29.95 per month. all you require is an internet connection that’s broadband.


It is the Grace Digital Audio Business Music System is a wireless radio player that works with the SiriusXM Music for Business service. The greatest benefit of this particular device is the ability to connect it to your office’s telephone system, and to your office’s sound system, too. It uses an internet connection that is broadband (either through Ethernet or WiFi) which makes providing music to your patients and employees an easy task!

The receiver is $199. This is in conjunction with the month-long SiriusXM Music for Business subscription.


If the idea of setting up your own office music system is too much then you should consider an expert third-party solution which specializes in connecting your workplace with customized music. If you aren’t a fan of the music selection offered by services such as Pandora, SiriusXM, or even the old-fashioned FM radio folks from Custom Channels will help cater the music you listen to your workplace, allowing you an array of music that matches the mood they play with the atmosphere and tone of your company. Patients waiting for their dental appointment don’t like hearing anything that is too loud or alarming, or too loud, and Custom Channels is a possible option to ensure that the music played in the waiting room or on hold is suitable.

Custom Channels utilizes an Internet receiver to stream their music without ads for your office.


What happens when you’re looking for songs for yourself? You might come home from work and want to lie on the sofa and forget about root canals, enamel and cavities.

Songza is an emerging music service, similar to Pandora and Sirius provides playlists. Songza offers the suggestions for playlists that are according to factors such as timing of the day, whether it’s an evening or weekend and also your mood. If, for instance, you come back from work at 5 pm and you are looking to relax and relax, then you can select an easy-going mix. If you want to feel more energetic and feel more energetic, then pick an energetic playlist.