How to Change Careers Using a Staffing Agency

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Staffing companies and recruiters exist to locate humans for jobs, now not jobs for human beings. In addition to finding the proper staffing company to paintings with, you need to enchantment to that company as a candidate. Here are five things to do to attract the right placement agent.

1. Know What You Want

If a recruiter asks what type of paintings you are looking for do not respond with the aid of asking, “What positions do you’ve got open?” This response implies a lack of recognition at exceptional and desperation at worst. Be targeted about the form of work you want and be prepared to discuss it. Don’t Staffing agencies assume a placement professional to visualize you in a selected position from a totally general resume. Speaking of which…

2. Have a Strong Resume

You need a strong resume to attract the proper recruiter for the identical purpose you want one to draw the hiring manager. List responsibilities and accomplishments in a functions/advantages format. Make it easy for the resume screener to see how your qualifications and what you’ve got accomplished line up with a specific beginning.

3. Respond to Specific Agency Job Postings

Staffing corporations submit openings on predominant task forums often. Many of them also still use classified ads. Once you’ve got identified an organization you are inquisitive about running with search for jobs advertised with the aid of that firm.

4. Call and Ask to Speak to a Placement Person

Each staffing company has it is very own manner of doing matters. Some call their placement people recruiters. Others may additionally name them account managers or sellers. By requesting the position person you ought to have the ability to connect to the character matching humans to open positions. From there you could percentage the sort of work you are searching out; discover approximately present day openings and get permission to ahead your resume to that person.

5. Forward Your Resume Even if There is No Current Opening

If you’ve located a company that specializes in setting people to your field they need to have your resume on document. You might not be invited into the choice procedure right away but you never understand what openings may also come in that afternoon. The clever placement character won’t want to waste your time (or hers) by using bringing you in unless she feels she has a good danger of supporting you.

Once you’ve observed a terrific placement organization and that they’ve agreed to represent you, you need to understand how to help you success in finding a activity through them. The final article on this series gives five ways to get placed through a staffing enterprise.

As a hiring expert with 17 years revel in Shirley Ray has interviewed thousands of process hopefuls. Starting as a corporate recruiter, then entering into professional recruiting and in the end staffing enterprise possession she has successfully placed hundreds of deserving applicants with pinnacle organizations.